7 Holiday Travel Safety Tips

7 Holiday Travel Safety Tips

Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe This Holiday Season

The holiday season is the perfect time to travel and visit loved ones, but it's crucial to keep you and your family safe on the roadways when doing so. While you're still in the planning phase for that end-of-year road trip, consider these seven tips.

#1. Prepare Your Vehicle for Wintery Conditions

It's recommended that you perform "pre-season" maintenance on your vehicle before the temperature starts decreasing. This may include checking under the hood for cracks, brakes, or low fluids and switching out your tires for all-terrain or snow-specific if your travel plans include going to an area with heavy snowfall. A good way to gauge if it’s time is to switch your tires if the temperatures are consistently below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

#2. Keep an Emergency Kit On-Hand

Regardless of whether you are an experienced or new driver, all vehicles should have an emergency kit in the trunk or backseat that includes items to keep you safe in instances of bad weather, collisions, or being stranded. This may include:

  • First-aid supplies
  • Battery-powered phone charger
  • Flashlights
  • Jumper cables
  • Ice scraper and snow brush
  • Winter clothes
  • And more!

You'll want to ensure that this kit is easily accessible and not buried under suitcases when traveling.

#3. Plan for Traffic Delays

Millions of drivers travel by automobile annually during the holiday season, and 2021 is expected to see significant jumps from the last two years. Be mindful that this may cause significant delays no matter where you are and plan accordingly.

#4. Be Mindful of Holiday-Related Distractions

Christmas lights, lawn decor, and navigation systems can all be major distractions during the holiday season. Likewise, thinking over your itinerary and stressing about having everything in order may take your mind off the road.

Ensure that you have another person in the vehicle for your navigation and cellphone needs so that you can keep your eyes focused on the roads and hands on the wheel. Taking frequent rest breaks may also help alleviate some of the mental strain that may come with being stressed out by sitting in traffic.

#5. Don’t Drink and Drive

According to the National Safety Council, approximately 38% of motor vehicle accidents during the 72-hour Christmas period involve an alcohol-impaired driver. Each year, hundreds of people are fatally injured because of this.

Alcohol-involved crashes are 100% preventable by not getting behind the wheel when intoxicated. Ensure you are doing your part to reduce these collisions by only driving sober and reporting drivers suspected to be under the influence.

#6. Travel with Your Booster Seat

Whether you fly, rent a car for a road trip, or are just going a couple of cities over to visit loved ones, ensure your children are kept safe by traveling with the appropriate car or booster seat. Since all 50 states require that infants and children be in the proper safety restraint for their size and age, this is the packing essential to put at the top of your list if planning to travel with little ones.

#7. Have a Contingency Plan for Emergencies

Unfortunately, sometimes the most well-thought-out plans hit a snag and cause you to take an unexpected detour. Although this can cause a great deal of warranted stress, it's important to remain calm and have a contingency plan in place for these scenarios.

By planning your trip and route days in advance, you can map out rest areas, gas stations, auto shops, and hotels along the way that may become necessary if a situation occurs. It may also be a good idea to keep that battery-powered phone charger in the glove box in case you become stranded and need to call for help.

Kornfeld Law Wishes You a Safe Holiday Season

Your safety is of the utmost priority this holiday season, and we are here to help you in the event of an emergency that leaves you or a loved one injured. Know that you can turn to Kornfeld Law when you need us most by calling (425) 657-5255 or filling out this short form.


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