The Pandemic and Brain Injury Survivors: Maintaining Emotional Health

The Pandemic and Brain Injury Survivors: Maintaining Emotional Health

The coronavirus pandemic has been impactful on the life of nearly every American. From social distancing measures to stay-at-home orders, job insecurity, and health concerns, the immediate effects have been felt by us all.

Those living with traumatic brain injury (TBI), however, may face additional challenges through the pandemic as they attempt to maintain their emotional health and minimize the negative impacts on their unique lives.

The Value of Routine

One of the common long-term effects of TBI includes loss of memory, which can impact day-to-day activities and schedules. “Routine” is an invaluable tool for those living with traumatic brain injuries. Unfortunately, almost everyone’s daily routine changed as a result of the pandemic.

For those living with TBI, this can be both challenging and devastating. Developing and maintaining a new routine with the support of loved ones at home is really key during this time. Here are some strategies to help cope with a new schedule and daily activities:

  • Use mobile calendar apps to set reminders
  • Develop a whiteboard schedule
  • Use a timer to set up start and end times, break up tasks, and allow for rest times
  • Hold daily meetings with members of the household
  • Keep items in the same location

Dealing with Mental Health Disorders

Additionally, those with TBI may struggle more frequently and with more severe symptoms of certain mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, and panic disorders. They may also struggle with maintaining social skills and have difficulty managing strong emotions, including anger and excitement.

The circumstances of the pandemic are certainly not helping any of this. It has long been established by psychologists that disasters (such as pandemics, natural disasters, and loss of loved ones) negatively impact mental health across entire populations. However, those living with TBI may be even more susceptible to become a part of these statistics.

The good news is that, with this knowledge, brain injury survivors can focus on their own emotional health by taking some necessary steps in their everyday routines:

  • Reducing news consumption
  • Writing in a daily journal
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Participating in regular physical activity
  • Reducing tobacco, alcohol, and drugs
  • Focus on positive thoughts

If you are a survivor of TBI, we hope that this blog has provided you with valuable information on how you can maintain your emotional and mental health during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. If you are reading this blog as a caregiver or a loved one of a TBI survivor, we commend you for your commitment to stay informed on how to best help those living with this disability get through these trying times in our world today.

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