3 Things to Look for on a Seattle Auto Accident Attorney's Website

3 Things to Look for on a Seattle Auto Accident Attorney's Website

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you may be in pain, dealing with medical bills piling up and worried about your future. There are not only financial concerns that are weighing on you but there’s also your physical recovery to deal with and that’s what you should be focusing on. Choosing a capable Seattle auto accident attorney to handle your car accident case can alleviate your anxiety because you’ll know you have a strong advocate fighting for you.

Here’s three things to look for on an accident attorney’s website to know they’re qualified to help you:

#1 Track Record

You want an attorney with an impressive track record of wins for auto accident cases similar to yours. Look for a lawyer that has a listing of cases and settlement amounts so you can see their level of success in negotiating significant settlements that reflect the serious damage done to victims. Check their website to see if they list representative cases. If they don’t list them, they may not have a good record!

A competent attorney will pursue compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, time lost from work, medical expenses, future expenses and future limitations on work caused by the injuries. In addition any scars, disfigurements or lasting impacts should be part of this equation. This will be reflected in the size of the settlement the lawyer requests and pursues on your behalf.

#2 Expertise and Experience

You want an attorney who has a combination of expertise and experience. A lawyer with decades of experience is preferable and one who has expertise in both trials and negotiated settlements is a must. Some lawyers never set foot in a court room and that’s not what you want. You want a lawyer who will aggressively pursue a fair settlement for your injuries.

Look on their website and check what areas of practice they list. You want an attorney that specializes in personal injury law and has a lot of experience with car accident cases. If they list their expertise as asbestos law or employment law and only take personal injury cases now and then, move on to another attorney for consideration!

#3 Free Consultation and Contingency

You want an attorney who will offer a free initial consultation. When you go in for a free appointment, not only is the lawyer online pokies evaluating your case and what the likely outcome may be, but you should also be evaluating them. Just because you go to the initial appointment doesn’t mean that’s the lawyer you have to hire. You may want to talk to several before you decide.

Check their website to make sure they offer a free appointment and also that they take car accident cases on a contingency basis. This means that you pay no up-front fees and the lawyer will work for a percentage of the settlement. They won’t charge you anything unless they get you a settlement and will work hard to get the best result for both of you because your interests will be aligned!

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