Car Accident Without Insurance? Don't Panic!

Car Accident Without Insurance? Don't Panic!

If you were seriously injured in a car accident in Everett and the other driver had no insurance, you are probably in a panic. But before you stress out, you should know that just because the other driver was uninsured, that doesn’t mean you can’t be compensated for your serious injury and its after effects. There are laws in place to protect you from irresponsible drivers.

Car Accident without Insurance

The Insurance Research Council research shows that in vehicle accidents resulting in serious injury, 15% of the time the driver at fault had no auto insurance. Even though driving in Everett – or anywhere in Washington – without insurance is illegal, 20% of drivers continue to do so. It’s important that you protect yourself from these people by carrying uninsured motorist coverage (UIM).

Car Accident Driver Fault

Having this coverage can mean a world of difference when it comes to being compensated for your injuries if you were struck by an insured driver. The best thing to do in this case is to contact our office right away. Rob can talk to you on the phone from wherever you are – even if you are still in the hospital or recuperating at home. He can even come to you if you are unable to come in for an office appointment. But for now, here’s what you need to know…

Were you at fault or was the other driver? Washington is a “fault” state when it comes to who pays damages for a motor vehicle accident. If the other driver was at fault, they are financially responsible for your injuries and the damage to your vehicle. But if that driver is uninsured, you are best protected if you have uninsured motorist coverage and a reputable personal injury attorney to help you.

If you were at fault for the accident, your insurance will cover the other driver’s injuries, even if they are uninsured. But when it comes to your injuries, you may be responsible for your own medical costs unless you have medical payments coverage. You can also be liable for your own vehicle repairs unless you have collision coverage.

Also important to note is that if the other driver was at fault – but you don’t have UIM – you are facing a challenge. It will be difficult to retain a lawyer to take your case and you will likely not succeed without legal representation. This is why having adequate uninsured motorist coverage is so important.

How Does Uninsured Coverage Work?

If you were seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident and the other driver was at fault and uninsured, your UIM policy should cover you for medical expenses as well as loss of wages due to time off work caused by your injuries and any loss of future earning power. You may also be able to get pain and suffering damages if you have an attorney like Rob fighting for your rights.

If you have UIM, contact Rob as soon as possible after your accident so he can protect your rights – even if you are in the hospital. Insurance companies often take advantage of injured customers by asking them to sign important legal documents while they are in pain or medicated and can’t think clearly or are not aware of their rights to settlement.Uninsured motorist coverage also protects you in case of a hit and run where the other driver flees the scene and is not caught. In this case, you won’t know whether or not they have insurance, so your own UIM policy is the fallback to protect you. In either case, just because you have UIM coverage, doesn’t mean that your insurance company won’t fight you and try to minimize or avoid compensating you for your injuries.

It’s possible that you can unknowingly sign away your rights to compensation – let Rob protect you from your insurance company and preserve your rights. Once Rob takes your case, he will deal with your insurance company so they can’t take advantage.

Who is Covered by Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

Uninsured motorist coverage not only protects you while you are driving or are a passenger in the vehicle covered by your UIM policy, but it will also cover you if you are walking, jogging or cycling and are struck by an uninsured driver, or when you are a passenger in another’s car and they have no insurance and are at fault; or During this training, we focus on systematic and planned driving, while also giving the candidate an excellent knowledge of the free defensive driving course online legislation they and their employers will be subject to. when you are hit by another driver who has no insurance and you are a passenger or driving your own car, or when you are driving another family owned car, or a friend’s car with their permission.

UIM also covers anyone who is driving your vehicle – with your permission – that is struck by an uninsured motorist. Also covered are passengers in your vehicle if it’s struck by a driver who has no insurance.

Even if you are driving a vehicle you don’t own, you and any passengers riding with you can be protected under your UIM. This is good news for Everett drivers.

If your UIM coverage has a vehicle damage rider, you should be able to get repairs to your vehicle paid for by your insurance company. If you don’t have vehicle damage on your UIM policy, but have collision coverage, damage to your vehicle should be covered after you pay your deductible.

If you don’t have collision coverage, you will likely have to turn to legal remedies such as suing the other driver for damages. However, if they can’t afford insurance, they likely don’t have assets, so this may not be worth pursuing.

Insurance May Not be All You Need

The first thing you need to do after an accident is to stay calm. Call 911 or if someone else calls 911, accept the medical treatment. If you were seriously injured, you need to see a physician and get the care you need. If the police ask you any questions, be sure you don’t admit blame. You can ask to postpone the discussion until after your injuries are treated.

The best thing to do is to call my office as soon as possible after a car accident. I can gather information over the phone and if I decide to take your case, I can even come to the hospital to discuss your case in person. You must notify your insurance as soon as possible after an accident and I can take care of that for you. Let me help protect your right to financial compensation and make sure your insurance company doesn’t take advantage.


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