How a Seattle Car Accident Attorney Can Protect Your Legal Rights

How a Seattle Car Accident Attorney Can Protect Your Legal Rights

If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident, this can cause immediate financial problems for you. In addition to having a damaged vehicle that needs repaired or replaced, you are no doubt missing time from work while you recover from your injuries. This can mean smaller paychecks and few people have room in their budgets to go without much-needed wages. When you compound this with medical bills piling up, it can feel insurmountable. So what can you do? Hire a Seattle car accident attorney to protect your legal rights!

When you hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you for an injury claim after an accident, it is their role to act as advocate and counselor for you, the victim. These are qualities which are necessary to ensure you receive a fair settlement for the injuries you suffered in your motor vehicle accident. So what’s the difference between the two roles your attorney will play? Check out the comparisons below:

#1 Your Lawyer Will Protect You From Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have refined tactics to reduce or eliminate their obligation to compensate you for injuries. This includes your own insurance company that you may have been a loyal customer to for years. Insurance companies will always act in their own best interest and this means reducing or eliminating compensation to you. When an adjuster comes to look at the damage to your vehicle, they may ask you questions intended to negate a settlement for your injuries. Take your lawyer’s advice and don’t speak to any insurance representative.

#2 Your Lawyer Will Protect You From Yourself

After an auto accident, it’s natural to be stressed about money. Insurance companies know this and if you don’t have an advocate protecting you, they may convince you to accept a low-ball offer to take care of mounting expenses. Your lawyer will also protect your from yourself when you’re tempted to settle for far lower than you’re owed just to be done. An experienced personal injury attorney will know what your claim is worth so they can protect you from settling for less than fair compensation for your injuries.

#3 Your Lawyer Will Advocate For a Fair Settlement

You want a car accident attorney that’s tenacious and will vigorously advocate for the best and most fair settlement possible for your injuries. This means you want a lawyer willing to fight on your behalf. Some lawyers are more inclined to write letters and accept the settlement they can get easily. But that’s not necessarily what is best for you. Instead, you want an attorney that will go to battle for you and fight for what your claim is truly worth. If that means going to trial, you want a lawyers who’s ready to go head to head in mediation or in the courtroom.

#4 Your Lawyer Will Advocate For Additional Compensation

There are many aspects to a fair financial settlement for your injuries and the damages done to you. First what are your injuries and what are your future problems? Second, how long-term are the impacts from your injuries expected to last? How do they affect your ability to work? Do you have limitations? A disability? Do you have any permanent scarring or loss of the use of a limb or anything like that? Additionally, how much are your medical bills? Did you lose any wages while you were recuperating from your injuries? Finally, there’s the pain and suffering element of your injuries which, if you didn’t know, which entitle you to additional compensated. All of these are considerations your attorney should include when advocating for financial compensation for your injuries!

When it comes to hiring a personal injury attorney to handle your car accident claim, you want an experienced and ethical representative who will fight to protect your legal rights to a fair financial settlement for what happened to you. Rob Kornfeld has been representing injured motor vehicle accident victims for over 30 years. Not only is he a tenacious lawyer who’s ready to fight for you against the insurance companies, but he knows first-hand what you’re going through because he too was injured in a serious car accident in 1985.


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