If you or a loved one were involved in a serious car accident, you may be worried about the ensuing injuries, particularly if there is a risk of paralysis. This condition is often irreversible, which means that it typically affects people for the rest of their lives.

Paralysis arises when the nerve cells that travel from the spinal cord to the corresponding muscles are impaired, which results in unsuccessful communication between that part of the body and the brain.

When a person becomes paralyzed, they usually experience a dramatic loss of strength in a limb or muscle group, resulting in limited movement or agility.

Reclaiming Compensation

Injuries that consist of some kind of paralysis are exceptionally severe by nature. It is for this reason that they should be addressed promptly with a high level of concern.

Once you have pursued medical care, the next step is to contact an attorney that is experienced in catastrophic injury cases. Injuries that involve paralysis can become costly, agonizing, and have the potential to prompt significant emotional distress. If someone else’s negligence caused you to become injured, you are entitled to compensation in order to pay for the impairment that was caused.

The following are the most common forms of paralysis:

  • Paraplegia - legs are somewhat or fully paralyzed
  • Quadriplegia - both arms and legs are paralyzed
  • Monoplegia - one limb is paralyzed
  • Diplegia - the same area of the body is paralyzed on both sides
  • Hemiplegia - one side of the body is paralyzed

We Can Help

In 1985, Attorney Robert “Rob” Kornfeld was severely injured due to the actions of someone else, so he knows what it’s like to feel relentless pain through no fault of his own. Not only has Rob been in your shoes before, but he has also practiced personal injury law in Washington State for the last 38 years. With Rob, your case is in good hands. Don’t hesitate to contact us right away to discuss your catastrophic personal injury case.

Call Kornfeld Law today at (425) 657-5255 to speak with an attorney about your Washington catastrophic personal injury case.


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