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Seattle Auto Accidents Cause Devastating Injuries - 7 Tips to Win a Better Settlement


Seattle auto accidents can lead to devastating injuries and can also claim lives. Wrecks are an everyday occurrence on the busy roadways in our city and the surrounding metropolitan area. Most of these collisions are avoidable if drivers had been careful, focused on their driving and operated their vehicle at a safe speed appropriate for the road conditions. But when this doesn’t happen and there’s a crash and you are the victims, serious injuries can result. In these cases, you may be due compensation. To make sure that your settlement is fair, hiring the right lawyer is the key.

Just because someone else was to blame for your injuries doesn’t mean getting the compensation that’s fairly owed you will be straightforward. Insurance companies are in the business of making sure they pay out as little as possible to you. But there are some steps you can take to ensure the process operates more in your favor. Here are seven tips to win a better settlement for your car accident injuries:

#1 Call the Police

If you are physically able to do so, dial 911 immediately after the accident. And no matter what, do not leave the scene until the police arrive. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t leave until the police say it’s okay for you to do so. Take the extra time to wait for the police. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

#2 Do Not Move the Vehicles

Unless there is immediate danger from leaving the vehicles in the position they were in after the wreck, they should not be moved until after the police arrive. If possible, snap a photo in case the other driver attempts to move their car.

#3 Get Witness Contact Information

If there are any witnesses around that may have seen the accident, try to get their contact information. This can be important if the other driver tries to shift the blame onto you. Showing you who was to blame is important and a key to securing a good financial settlement.

#4 Get Medical Attention for Injuries

It’s our nature to shrug off pain and press on. With a car accident, that’s one of the worst thing you can do. Delays between the accident and when you seek medical attention can be used by insurance companies to invalidate a personal injury claim or to show you were not hurt badly when they defend against your claim.

#5 Do Not Talk to Any Insurance Company

You do have to report your accident to your insurance company, but give only date, time and location of the accident. If you are approached by an insurance adjuster or representative while in the hospital or at home recuperating, decline to speak with them until you speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer.

#6 Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Hire a good lawyer and let them talk to the insurance companies on your behalf. Insurance companies use many tactics to trick accident victims into making statements or signing documents they don’t understand that can cancel out, release or hurt your settlement or negatively affect your ability to get full compensation.

# 7 Don’t Trying to Handle Your Own Case

Insurance companies don’t want you to hire an experienced personal injury attorney because they can pay you less than you deserve unless you are protected by legal representation. Don’t be a victim a second time by playing into the hands of insurance companies. Get a lawyer to protect your rights and do it immediately.

Following these seven tips can increase the compensation you receive for your injuries. These are all important because they protect you from insurance company shenanigans, safeguard your health and make it easier for the police to investigate the accident. Together, these can all make it easier for your attorney to fight the insurance companies on your behalf to help you recover the compensation you deserve.