Injured in a Seattle Motorcycle Accident? Steps to Take Now to Protect Your Rights to Compensation!

Injured in a Seattle Motorcycle Accident? Steps to Take Now to Protect Your Rights to Compensation!

If you’ve been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, you’re lucky to have survived. Many motorcycle accidents involve catastrophic injuries and fatalities because motorcycle operators are not as protected as drivers of motor vehicles. You are much more likely to be seriously injured (or die) in a motorcycle accident than in a car crash. And motorcycle drivers are very likely to be the victims – rather than the instigators – of accidents.

Passenger vehicles and trucks are often not mindful or do not see motorcycles. They fail to look out for motorcycles when changing lanes or turning and don’t check their blind spots while driving – on both surface streets and the interstate. Most motorcycle accidents are caused when cars and trucks don’t respect a cyclist’s right of way and this can mean the motorcycle driver is unable to avoid a collision either with the offending vehicle or to avoid being pushed into incoming traffic or another vehicle.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident or you have lost a loved one to a motorcycle crash, please read these steps that can protect your rights to compensation for injuries, damages or even wrongful death. Take these steps immediately!

Steps To Take At the Scene of the Accident

Sometimes motorcyclists are so severely injured at the accident scene that it’s not possible for them to dial 911. In these cases, no doubt someone will take care of that. You should accept whatever medical care is offered and try not to make any statements about the accident to the other driver or police at the scene. Instead, listen to what is said by the other driver in case they admit blame to the police or bystanders. If there are bystanders who may serve as witnesses later, try and get contact information.

If you are too injured to do so, offer your contact information to them and ask them to get in touch with you. You can also ask a bystander or witness to gather contact information for you. Accept transportation to the hospital for medical attention in an ambulance. Trying to get back on your bike after a wreck is dangerous and can provide ammunition to insurance companies who will try and accuse you of not being injured.

Steps to Take at the Hospital

Accept whatever medical attention is recommended and don’t worry about the cost. There are two reasons for this. First an insurance company (either your medical or auto insurance carrier or the other driver’s auto insurance) should cover your medical expenses. The second reason is that because motorcycle accident injuries are often serious, extensive and can even be life threatening, you should allow the doctors to run diagnostic tests and take whatever steps they feel are appropriate to take care of you with the hope In spite of external meekness, flexibility and peacefulness, people born under the taurus daily love horoscope star are quite stubborn and selfish. that you will recover as quickly as possible.

While at the hospital, be on the lookout for anyone asking about blame for the accident. Your treating physicians don’t need to know what caused the accident – they are only interested in the extent of your injuries and making you better. Insurance company representatives, other drivers involved or their representatives may try to take advantage of your condition (injured and possibly medicated) to try and get you to admit guilt or fault for the collision or get you to make statements that can reduce your chances for recovering fair compensation.

Steps to Take While Speaking to the Police

Someone no doubt called 911 about your motorcycle accident and there should have been police on the scene investigating the crash. If you were seriously injured, you may have been taken away before the police were able to speak to you. It’s wise to contact the police and report the accident and your involvement in case there are any questions for you and to make sure there’s an official police report.

Don’t admit blame – just stick to the facts about the accident such as date and time of the accident. If the other driver hit you, you can tell them that but do not make any recorded or written statement without the advice of counsel. Also be sure to notify your insurance company within 24-48 hours after the wreck (unless you are medically unable to do so because of extensive injuries) but again, just tell them the facts about the accident and don’t get into a discussion about blame. You may have to have a deeper discussion with the police about the accident, but under no circumstances should you speak to the other driver’s insurance adjuster.

Steps to Take While Recuperating

As soon as you are able, your next best call after your motorcycle crash is to a qualified personal injury attorney with experience in motorcycle accident cases. This is for two purposes. First, the sooner you contact a lawyer, the sooner they can get to work on your case. Second, once you know you have an advocate fighting for your financial best interests to help you get your medical bills and lost wages paid and to help you get your property damage covered, you’ll then be able to focus on your recovery with much less stress knowing that you have an experienced personal injury lawyer protecting you!

If you lost a loved one or a friend to a motorcycle crash, we are sorry for your loss. But under these tragic circumstances, it’s even more important that you contact a personal injury attorney so that the person or persons responsible for the death of your loved one is held accountable for their actions or negligence. While no amount of money can make up for the loss of your loved one, you are entitled to a survival claim which includes compensation for wrongful death, lost income to your household and for the pain and suffering they suffered when they died. Rob handles wrongful death claims and he can explain the circumstances of what rights you have to recover damages.


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