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COVID-19 Update


This has been a trying time in America. It will certainly continue to escalate. No one truly knows what the effects of the Virus may be, how long it will last and the effects on the legal community.

We stand ready and willing to help you all with your personal injury needs. We are open for business. Feel free to text, email or call anyone of us if you have questions, even if unrelated to our law practice. Although your problem may not fall within the scope of our specialties, we stand willing to consider what we can do to help. We are all available during the normal work week to provide legal support as you may need. Joe and I can take your calls after hours or on weekends until this crisis ends. Our staff remains working for you predominantly off site.

Rest assured that we understand the growing concern surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the communities we serve. Your health and safety should be your top priority. But in the meantime, should you, a loved one or friend have any law related problems, we remain open and are available to provide whatever legal counsel within our areas of practice.

We are continuously monitoring, reviewing and improving our response to your legal needs as the situation evolves. Civil court cases are not moving forward, and any case set for trial are all now delayed to dates unknown. We expect trials to be moved and continued. There are no jurors to hear your case. At this point in time, we cannot tell you when your trial dates will be continued. Civil cases, like personal injury ones, are not a priority in the court system. Our court system has practically shut down for civil cases.

We are keeping all employees updated with any legal changes caused by the COVID-19 virus through timely notices from the Presiding Court. On March 16, we have sent our staffs home. We will have limited and part time “boots on the ground” at the office. But our staff is still working from home, full time on your case. All of us are working on your pending trials or are talking to personal injury clients, remotely.

We will be updating information as details become available. If you have questions or concerns about your case or that of another, please reach out to me, Joe, Dawn, Christy, Lisa or Jannely. One of us will get back to you right away.

Be safe, wise and cautious in these unprecedented times where your health is at risk. Again, feel free to call, email or text us about any and all personal injury matters for any reason you may have.