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How Rain Causes Increased Auto Accidents?


One of the leading causes of auto accidents is rainy weather. There are numerous reasons for why rainfall is a top contributor of motor vehicle accidents every year. To help you understand how these accidents occur, we explain the different ways that rain leads to increased auto accidents

Reduced Traction on Wet Roads

Even the best of roads can become extremely slippery during a rain storm. Water that builds on the roadway reduces tire traction and can cause cars to slide. During a heavy rain shower, oil from vehicles that is on the road gets loosened and creates a greasy driving surface that can surprise unsuspecting drivers. When it is colder out, rain fall can turn into ice and create dangerous driving conditions.

Decreased Visibility

Rain fall affects visibility and is a common cause of accidents on the road. Heavy rain fall and splashing water can prevent drivers from clearly seeing the road and other cars. Windows inside a vehicle can also become foggy and decreases visibility in rainy weather. Your vehicle should have good windshield wipers and a functioning defogger to help maintain visibility.

Driving Skills on Wet Roads

The truth is, many people who operate vehicles simply do not have good driving skills when it comes to using wet roads, especially in drier climates. In areas where rain is common, both timid and aggressive drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident because they do not understand how to properly negotiate wet, rainy roads. Safe driving in rainy weather requires smooth braking and steering, and using lower speeds to stay at the same pace as other traffic. Being aware of how rain impacts both roads and vehicle conditions can help avoid accidents from occurring.

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