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Put Down the Phone Before You Kill Someone: Texting and Driving Statistics


Washington state was the first to pass an anti-texting law back in 2007 – and with good reason. Despite the official kibosh on toying with your phone while behind the wheel, WA drivers continue to text and dial their phones putting their lives at risk – and the lives of everyone else on the road around them. One in 10 drivers in our state continues to drive with phone in hand and half of those observed in a recent study were actively texting. This causes accidents and ruins lives.

Fact: Texting While Driving Causes Accidents

Studies show that roughly one-fourth of car accidents (more than one million wrecks) are caused by texting and/or talking on cell phones, but, in reality, this statistic is likely low because drivers hide their phones and don’t admit they were distracted by their device to try and avoid blame or a fine. Most accidents involving texting occur within three to five second of distraction.

Fact: Texting Is the Most Dangerous Distraction

Reaching for your phone increases your risk of causing a wreck by 140%, talking on the phone by 130% and dialing a phone represents 280% more of a risk. By comparison, texting makes you 2300% more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Young adults are more likely to be involved in a crash while driving, yet they think it’s okay because they see their parents texting behind the wheel.

Fact: Texting While Driving Kills

Texting while driving is the leading cause of death for teenagers and it’s not safe for adults either. Each year, texting causes more than 1.6 million auto accidents, more than half a million injuries and kills more than 6,000 people – and that’s just the incidences that can be confirmed. Likely, these numbers are much higher but drivers conceal what they were doing that caused the accident.

Fact: Texting While Driving Makes You a Hazard on the Roads

This it’s easy to get away with texting and driving? Think again. Thankfully those injured by distracted drivers can hire an experienced attorney like Kornfeld to subpoena the phone records to discover any distracted driving. The phone records reveal the truth every time! There are many hidden records and other rules of law that personal injury attorney Kornfeld might reveal during a case.

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