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$2,550,000 Employment Law Class Action Settlement


Kornfeld Law recently negotiated a $2,550,000 settlement on behalf of 200 employees in a class action lawsuit against a construction company for certain labor law violations. The employees were concrete truck pump operators who were not properly paid wages for overtime, travel time, and standby time. Construction work often involves shifting work schedules, requiring concrete truck pump operators to remain on standby or work overtime depending on the circumstances of a construction project.

When employers withhold wages or reimbursements for overtime work or time spent traveling for work, on-call, or on standby, they may be liable for federal and state labor code violations. By withholding earnings that employees have rightfully earned, the employer has unjustly enriched themselves and is therefore liable for paying restitution to their employees. Our Seattle employment law attorneys were proud to represent these employees and help them recover their entitled wages.

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Has your employer unjustly withheld wages from you? If so, you may be entitled to a legal remedy for their injurious and wrongful conduct. To help determine the nature and extent of your rights, consult an experienced employment law attorney in Seattle. At Kornfeld Law, we have served Seattle employees for years, ensuring they are justly compensated for illegal employment practices – we are ready to help you too.

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