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Recent Successful Case Results Secured for Kornfeld Law Clients


Kornfeld Law is proud to be one of Seattle’s premier personal injury law firms. Attorney Robert Kornfeld knows that each case we take means the world to the client. When we do our best, we know that we can achieve the best possible case results, which is exactly what our clients need and deserve.

To get a better idea of what our caliber of service can do for our clients throughout Seattle and the surrounding region, let us discuss a few noteworthy case results we have recently achieved. Note: The names of all clients have been changed to maintain client privacy.

Three recent case results:

  1. $345,000 total: Our client, Danny, was walking on a sidewalk when he was struck by negligent driver. He was severely injured in the pedestrian accident and eventually required both shoulder surgery and total knee replacement. Kornfeld Law was able to secure a $100,000 limit from a third party insurance policy and the $245,000 limit from the UIM (underinsured motorist) carrier, for a total of $345,000.
  2. $150,000 total: Our client, Norma, was driving her vehicle responsibly when another driver rear-ended her car, resulting in a violent car accident. She suffered a concussion injury, whiplash, and extensive back injuries. Due to the severity of her concussion, she has still not been able to return to work. We were able to secure the $100,000 limit from the third-party insurer and the $50,000 limit from the UIM carrier, for a total of $150,000.
  3. $60,000: Our client, Patty, was traveling as a passenger in a vehicle when it was struck by a semi-truck. The impact was so great, it pushed the car into a cement barrier and then a guardrail. She suffered a concussion and soft tissue injuries. It was not clear how the insurance companies would treat her since she lived with preexisting conditions. Patty and our law firm are more than pleased with the $60,000 case result.

Would you like to know more about Kornfeld Law? Do you need a Seattle personal injury attorney you can depend on? Attorney Kornfeld has more than 35 years of legal experience and has been able to recover more than $30 million for clients in successful verdicts and settlements. Contact us today to request a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.