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Kornfeld Law Wins Car Accident Case, Secures Large Compensation


While walking down the sidewalk, minding their own business, an individual was struck by a negligent driver. The impact was quite severe, causing the individual – whose identity is withheld for privacy reasons – to suffer a severe shoulder and knee injury. Surgery was required to address the shoulder injury and a total knee replacement was also needed. The cost for these procedures was steep, and the pain and discomfort experienced was monumental.

There is really no way a pedestrian to predict when a motorist is going to act recklessly and jump the curb, so the full liability in this car accident should have automatically been placed on the driver. However, it is never surprising when insurance companies try to find ways to put liability onto victims in order to pay smaller compensation amounts. Recognizing that they might not be fairly compensated for what happened if the case was allowed to progress unwatched, the individual came to Kornfeld Law for legal representation.

Seattle personal injury Attorney Robert Kornfeld got right to work reaffirming that his client had no way to avoid the accident and deserved 0% of the liability. The case concluded with $385,000 worth of compensation being given to his client.

This case highlights the importance of purchasing ample car accident insurance that covers all the possible bases. Either as a pedestrian or a driver, you want to make certain that your insurance coverage will take care of you when you need it most. As a Seattle personal injury lawyer with more than 35 years of practice experience, Attorney Kornfeld has seen all types of car accident claims and always encourages people to double-check their policies for adequacy.

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