Seattle Car Accident Statistics: Where Are You Most Likely to Be Injured?

Seattle Car Accident Statistics: Where Are You Most Likely to Be Injured?

They say life is a highway, but they also say you can’t drive 55. It’s that combination that leaves thousands of Seattle and metro area motorists seriously injured or dead each year. Car crashes are traumatic – even a little fender bender can leave you shaken and uncertain. But a major car wreck can affect the rest of your life – or even end it. Knowing when and how most serious car accidents happen can help keep you safer on the roads. Here are some Seattle car accident statistics that could save your life.

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Critical Information on Seattle Car Accident Statistics

1) Where You’re Most Likely to Be in a Car Accident

Of the 56,000 collisions last year in Seattle including King, Snohomish and Pierce counties, less than half happened on state highways. You’re most likely to be in a car accident on city streets and county roads. King County car accidents account for 16% of all Washington state fatalities. 10% of state car crash fatalities occur in Snohomish County and 9% of roadway deaths happen in Pierce county. This little area of Washington is a focal point for vehicular death in the state. The Seattle metro area is responsible for 35% of all Washington state car accident deaths.

2) Why Most Serious Car Accidents Happen

Of the 182,000 vehicle accidents in Washington state last year, nearly 8,000 of these crashes involved alcohol, but this is far from the biggest roadway hazard issue in the Seattle metro area. Here are the top 5 causes of car accidents:

#5 Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol causes 5% of car accidents

#4 Distracted and inattentive drivers cause 11% of crashes

#3 Failure to yield right of way to vehicles/pedestrians/bicycles causes 16% of wrecks

#2 Drivers following too close are to blame for 23% of accidents

#1 Speeding is the biggest factor – resulting in 27% of car crashes

If you follow the news in the Seattle area, you see and hear car crash fatality headlines every week. When it comes to car accidents and death, there are three overwhelming casino online factors you must know:

#3 Failure to yield to vehicles/pedestrians/bicycles accounts for 11% of fatal car wrecks

#2 Drivers under the influence of drugs/alcohol cause 24% of vehicle fatalities

#1 Speeding is the number one killer on our roads and is responsible for 29% of deaths

If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a car accident or you lost someone to a fatal car crash, it’s important to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Our office is conveniently located and easily reachable from the Seattle commuting area.

3) Who Is Most Likely to Be Injured or Die in a Car Accident

It seems when a news story breaks about a fatal DUI crash, the intoxicated or drugged driver walks away with only a scratch. But when it comes to everyday accidents that don’t involve illegal substances, the driver is the one greatly at risk. In car accidents resulting in injury, 43% of the time the driver is seriously injured. 19% of the time, passengers are the ones seriously injured and 14% of the time, it’s pedestrians who are grievously harmed in a car wreck. These statistics shift when it comes to deadly car crashes. In fatal car accidents, 48% of the time it’s the driver who perishes. 18% of car wreck fatalities are passengers and 15% of fatal car crash victims are pedestrians.

Whether you were driving, catching a ride with someone or struck while walking or riding a bicycle, time is of the essence to ensure you get the maximum settlement for your injuries. Contact attorney Rob Kornfeld of Kornfeld, Trudell, Bowen and Lingenbrink, PLLC right away to find out what your rights are to recover compensation. With his over 30 years’ experience representing car accident injury victims just like you, Rob is the best advocate for you.

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