Teen Drivers: Car Accident Statistics and Prevention

Teen Drivers: Car Accident Statistics and Prevention

For many teenagers, getting that much-coveted driver’s license means they have a little more freedom – able to take themselves to school, practice, and other events. Unfortunately, when they get their license, they may mistakenly believe that they are expert drivers and might not use the same caution and judgment as those more experienced behind the wheel. Many car accidents involving younger drivers lead to serious injury and death. Helping teens gain driving experience could decrease the occurrence of these types of crashes.

Teen Car Accident Statistics

According to the Washington State Department of Transportation Crash Data Portal, in 2019, just over 6,000 car accidents involved teen drivers. Of those, 17 were fatal, and 75 were suspected serious injury collisions. Additionally, teen drivers accounted for 432 distracted-driving related crashes, with 4 resulting in death and 9 causing serious injuries.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute reports that teenagers make 3 critical errors that lead to accidents. Those are:

  • Not being aware of their surroundings
  • Driving too fast
  • Paying attention to things inside or outside the vehicle

Teen Car Accident Prevention

Like most anything, becoming proficient at driving requires guided training. Parents can help their children become more experienced and competent drivers by continuing to practice with them even after they received their license. Exercises could include going through the basics of driving, such as getting comfortable with adjusting the seat, mirrors, and steering wheel. Also beneficial for a new driver, is taking them out to a controlled environment to have them practice starting and stopping the vehicle, making turns, scanning the area for hazards, and paying attention to their speed.

On top of one-on-one practice, parents can establish rules for their teen to follow when they get behind the wheel. This can include restricting phone usage while driving, limiting night driving, and regulating driving with other passengers.

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