Challenges of a Medical Negligence Lawsuit: Costs, Emotions and Uncertainty

Challenges of a Medical Negligence Lawsuit: Costs, Emotions and Uncertainty

If you have been harmed because of medical errors of any type, you may be considering filing a medical negligence lawsuit. It’s important to understand that your physician or care providers should always provide a reasonable standard of care and if they make mistakes that caused you significant injury or harm, they should be held accountable. But in the process of making a medical malpractice claim, you will face challenges until it’s resolved.

Here are some of the ways that medical negligence lawsuits can be a challenge for the victim:

Financial Costs – In the short run, you may have some costs that pile up – generally associated with any ongoing medical treatment. You may have co-pays, out of pocket expenses and travel costs that accrue as a result of care you need as a result of the medical negligence. These will be part of the compensation your personal injury attorney will pursue on your behalf. But in the short term, you may have some financial challenges to deal with and this can be stressful.

The good news is that if you use a reputable, experienced medical malpractice attorney like Rob Kornfeld and have a strong claim, your financial compensation should more than cover these costs plus provide additional monies to compensate you for your pain and suffering.

Emotional Issues – When you’re sick or in pain, it can be depressing. When you’re watching medical bills pile up, you can stress over your finances. If you know that your condition caused by the medical error or negligence is permanent, you may be discouraged about your future. And if the outcome of your medical negligence has impaired your quality of life – in the short or long term – that can dishearten you further. All of these together can have you feeling less than hopeful about life.

The good news is that if a qualified legal advocate like Rob Kornfeld takes on the insurance companies and fights for your settlement, the issues driven by finances should be resolved. And your support system of family and friends can help you come to terms with other issues that are upsetting you.

Uncertainty Over Outcomes – When you are dealing with the after effects of harm done by medical negligence, you may be worried that you’ll never recover or feel better. You may also worry about how your medical negligence lawsuit will turn out. With both of these issues, there is uncertainty over the final outcomes and it is impossible to know exactly how either of these will play out until after the fact. For both factors, only time will tell and waiting it out can feel endless.

The good news is that by choosing an experienced attorney like Rob Kornfeld who has a stellar track record of wins in medical negligence cases, you will get a better outcome than with a less experienced attorney. There’s no guarantee on how a settlement will ultimately work out, but attorney choice is a major factor in compensation outcome.

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