What Happens if a Tourist in Everett Has a Car Accident?

What Happens if a Tourist in Everett Has a Car Accident?

Everett’s roads are hilly, often slippery and can be tricky to navigate. The large number of pedestrians and cyclists make it even more of a challenge. But for tourists unfamiliar with the city, the roads can be even more harrowing, particularly if you’re injured in a car accident. Close to home, a motor vehicle accident is stressful, but if you’re a tourist and in a serious car wreck far from home, it can be overwhelming. What do you do? Who can you turn to in an unfamiliar city?

If you were seriously injured in an Everett car accident while on vacation – whether you were driving your own car or a rental car, were a passenger in a taxi, on a bus or walking – a local reputable car accident attorney will soon be your best friend. But your first priority should be your safety and health. Dial 911 straight away. If you are seriously injured, don’t refuse transport to a local hospital. It’s important to get immediate medical attention right away – the more serious your injuries, the more important.

After you get medical attention, here’s a checklist of what to do to protect yourself:

# 1 Don’t Panic!

If you’ve been seriously injured, no doubt your vehicle or rental car is also in bad shape, so it will be likely towed away. It’s okay. You can take care of that later. Go to the hospital and let them treat you. Focus on your injuries and the injuries of anyone traveling with you and make sure you all get the medical attention you need. Keep calm and make sure everyone is safe. There will be plenty of time to worry about non-life threatening matters later.

# 2 Make One Critical Call!

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A little fender bender is bad enough, but a Learn more »In this section:Information for:Elementary students (K-5) attend the charter schools in brooklyn in the attendance area where their home is located, and charter schools in brooklyn bus service is available for those who live beyond the walk boundary of their neighborhood charter schools in brooklyn (approximately . major motor vehicle accident far from home can feel like an epic disaster. It’s not (or at least it doesn’t have to be). As soon as possible after the accident, even while you’re still in the hospital, contact a reputable, experienced local Everett area car accident attorney to help you. Once you have an attorney working for you, they will take care of your insurance company, the insurance companies of any other vehicles involved in the crash and get to work on your behalf.

# 3 Follow Doctor’s Orders!

After you contact an attorney, relax and focus on your recovery. It’s important to do exactly as the doctor says. Any injuries that you cause yourself by checking out of the hospital before it’s recommended, over-exerting yourself or traveling before advised is all fodder for the insurance companies to claim you’re at fault for your injuries. Follow your doctor’s orders to the letter or it could cost you later in the form of a diminished settlement.

# 4 Follow Lawyer’s Orders!

Once you hire an attorney, let them work for you. Don’t talk to the insurance companies and be sure to follow your lawyer’s advice. A reputable car accident attorney will work to protect you and make sure you’re fairly compensated for your injuries, time away from work, impact to your future ability to work and any permanent impairments caused by your accident. They will also advise you on how best to take care of your damaged vehicle.

# 5 Always Buy Local!

But why not wait until you get back home and hire an attorney there? Simple – you need a local attorney who is familiar with the roadways, police, attorneys who may represent other parties to the accident and local laws that may be critical to your case. Most car accident cases are settled before they come to court, but if yours does end up in court, an attorney back home will be of little help to you. An Everett attorney is your best chance at getting the settlement you deserve!

If you are visiting Seattle and have been seriously injured in a car accident, Everett area attorney Rob Kornfeld is ready to take on the insurance companies and fight for you. Rob will come to you at the hospital, your hotel or wherever you are staying to evaluate your case so you can head home with peace of mind while he gets to work for you.


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