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Paralysis is the loss of strength in a limb or muscle group, resulting in limited motion or mobility.  Paralysis is the result of damage to nerve cells that run from the brain to the spinal cord to the muscles.  The severity of the paralysis is dependent on the location of the injury.

The following are different forms of paralysis:

Paraplegia – legs are partially or completely paralyzed
Quadriplegia – both legs and arms are paralyzed
Monoplegia – one limb is paralyzed
Diplegia – The same region of the body on both sides is paralyzed
Hemiplegia – one side of the body is paralyzed

Automobile accidents, sports accidents, falls and medical malpractice are just a few of the causes of paralysis injuries. Paralysis may be a short or long term result of the injury. Should it be permanent, the cost to provide for the injured individual can be outrageous, including medical costs, physical and occupational therapy, other specialists, and loss of wages.

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