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Employment Claims

Employment Law – Wrongful Termination, Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Whether at work or elsewhere, sexual harassment and discrimination are a fact of life. Discrimination claims can involve many protected areas in our civil rights: Age, gender, sex, country of origin, religion, race, etc.

In the workplace, discrimination can occur when one of your protected civil rights is abused or ignored because of a lack of sensitivity. Violation of your civil rights can give rise to either state or federal claims along with recovery of attorney’s fees, costs and punitive damages, which may be awarded by a jury in federal or state court depending on the circumstances. Employees can be wrongfully terminated or discharged from work without cause or in violation of protected civil rights. Despite the fact that Washington is an “at will” state, which means an employer can fire employees when it wants to and for whatever reasons, it does not mean civil rights can be violated, ignored or abused, nor does it mean company rules, regulations and policy manuals can ignore your civil rights. If you intend to seek out a consultation with our office, please bring your contract, policy manuals and other documents from your employer to the initial meeting with our firm.

We are experienced in handling sexual harassment claims, constructive termination, wrongful discharge and various other workplace discrimination claims, both in federal and state court. Constructive termination claims can arise when the work environment becomes so offensive and hostile that you can no longer continue to work in the present environment. Many clients seek out medical care, such as psychological or psychiatric therapeutic treatment, to deal with harassment or offensive conduct in a workplace. Often clients cannot return to work because of the abusive environment. Although they are not technically fired, the law may deem such oppressive or hostile work conditions as “constructive discharge”. This is fact specific to each situation.

This is fact specific to each situation, but may may entitle the aggrieved employee to recover medical bills, wage loss, punitive damages, attorney’s fees and costs and other expenses. Front and back pay are also damages that may be awarded under the right conditions in an employment case. Examples of employment discrimination cases handled include racial discrimination, religious discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, age discrimination, and others.

Sexual Harassment

Unfortunately, in this day and age, both children and adults are targets of sexual predators and fall prey to abuse in unsuspecting ways. Many of you have heard of cases involving sexual abuse caused by adults, school teachers, clergy, healthcare providers and other professional adults and individuals who take people into their confidence.

We handle sexual abuse and harassment cases. I am open to discuss your potential claims or those of your friends and family with the utmost in privacy and sensitivity. If you feel that you or a friend or loved one may have a potential claim, please contact me directly or call 1 (800) 282-4878 to schedule a free consultation or case evaluation over the telephone, by e-mail or in person at a convenient location for you, either at our main office, a satellite meeting location, in your home or at the hospital.