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Traumatic Brain Injury by Medical Negligence

Rob Kornfeld’s practice at Kornfeld, Trudell, Bowen and Lingenbrink has decades of experience with traumatic brain injury cases caused by medical negligence, construction accidents, car wrecks or maritime accidents (on fishing boats or other water vessels). Brain injuries include aneurysms, intracranial hemorrhages, subarachnoid hemorrhages, strokes and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).

If not treated properly and in a timely manner, the outcomes can be dire. We see victims that have suffered paralysis, quadriplegia, permanent brain or spinal cord damage and even death. Brain injuries are catastrophic not only for the patient, but for their loved ones as well. Recovery can take months or years and may not ever see the victim back to the life they once lead. This is why having an experienced attorney is critically important.

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Traumatic Brain Injury Involving Medical NegligenceTraumatic Brain Injury by Medical Negligence

Rob Kornfeld has extensive expertise in cases where medical personnel failed to timely diagnose and treat intracranial aneurysms (aneurysms in the brain). The negligence of primary care providers, family physicians, radiologists and other HMO providers who failed to administer needed diagnostic tests, didn’t run them in time or improperly read the scans can cause irreversible injury or even death.

Failure to timely diagnose and treat strokes or aneurysms can lead to intracranial bleeds and cause devastating, life long injuries, paralysis, cognitive impairment and other health care issues for patients and their families. For those that survive this terrible type of medical negligence, cognitive impairment and occupational or vocational disabilities are common.

Expert and Passionate Advocacy

Rob is more committed to brain injury cases than any other attorney you’ll find because he has first hand knowledge of how devastating recovery can be. Read Rob’s story about his serious car accident where he suffered a mild brain injury and physical injuries including post-concussion syndrome. Fortunately, Rob was able to make a complete recovery and has devoted himself to helping head injury victims and their families.

Rob has helped families recover the finances necessary to put their lives back together and care for their loved ones. No matter the cause of the brain injury, Rob helps victims and their families recover damages from ruptured aneurysms, brain injuries and strokes resulting from medical mistakes, construction work, maritime or motor vehicle accidents.

The Important of Timely Brain Injury Treatment 

With all brain injuries, timely and accurate diagnosis is imperative but the failure to timely diagnose and treat an aneurysm before it ruptures will lead to catastrophic brain injuries or death. Patients who survive will likely have cognitive impairment and disabling injuries, unable to ever live independently again. When victims come in for treatment, it’s important that the proper tests are run promptly.

Failure to diagnose an aneurysm is often caused by a health care provider’s inability to recognize the obvious clinical signs and symptoms of an expanding aneurysm or a sentinel bleed. Misdiagnosis or failure to recognize symptoms of a stroke or aneurysm is usually tied to providers neglecting to timely perform diagnostic tests (MRI, MRA or CT-arthrogram) and correctly interpret these diagnostic tests.

Rob Is Ready to Help You Now

Rob can investigate whether you, a family member or loved one has a health care malpractice case or personal injury suit related to a brain injury, aneurysm, intracranial hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage or stroke. Rob has successfully handled personal injury cases throughout Washington, Idaho, Oregon, as far north as Alaska and south to Arizona.

We have contacts in the health care community to facilitate neuropsychologic evaluation of your cognitive deficits and can even direct you to a leading cognitive rehabilitation center to help you recover. For catastrophically injured clients, Rob has enlisted the services of life care planners to help gauge the future medical and financial needs of the victim, particularly when there is significant cognitive impairment and/or full or partial paralysis.

Free Consultation and Contingency Based Services Benefit Victims

Since the cost of legal services is always a major concern, Rob offers his legal services to victims on a contingency fee basis. This means the fee is based on a percentage of what Rob recovers for you which is paid at the conclusion of the case. If there is no recovery, there is no fee. Typically, we are able to handle your case with no money out of your pocket up front.

Contact Rob directly or call local at (425) 318-7202 or toll free to (800) 282-4878 for a free consultation and case evaluation over phone, via e-mail or in person. If you’re recovering at home or unable to come into the office, we can come to you. Don’t hesitate. Time is of the essence with brain injury claims.