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No one expects to face a serious injury. In fact, most people assume that severe accidents will happen to someone else.

However, when accident victims need legal support, they turn to Robert Kornfeld—an assertive, experienced personal injury law firm. Our firm has served clients within greater Seattle and beyond for more than thirty years.

Through his own personal experience in a serious car crash, Rob also recognizes victims’ difficulties more than most attorneys. This understanding allows him to view each case from both a lawyer’s and former accident victim’s standpoint.

When to Contact a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Should a medical professional make a mistake during surgery or other medical treatment, you have the right to a lawyer who is well-versed in the medical field. Robert Kornfeld has dealt with multiple malpractice and injury cases, including severe brain trauma, spinal injuries, and chemical exposure.

If you face severe health challenges because of medical error, contact our office right away. We serve Seattle clients, including those from West Seattle, WA and Northgate, WA.

How to Contact Us

If you’re unable to meet us at our Seattle, WA location, let us meet you at home, at the hospital, or at another location of your choice. Send us an e-mail, fill out our online form shown below, or call us.

Our personal injury lawyer stands by, ready to help. Call today for a no-cost consultation.

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